Front cover of The transformation EP

The Transformation

Felix Helix The Transformation EP coverFelix Helix- The Transformation

The transformation is the second EP from Felix Helix, and was written between 2016 and 2020 (A much faster work rate than for my first work, Vibrations.1). Some workflow changes meant that things were easier, e.g. composing entirely in Renoise, and mixing down in Reaper.

I  think the sound quality is far better on this EP compared to Vibrations.1, in part because I started to learn how to mix, and also had excellent mastering from my man Gianni Barba, whose work you really ought to check out if you’re into things that are a bit more “upbeat.”

I’m also honoured that Suck Puck recordz wanted to release it, definitely put a spring in my step.

You can stream, and download the EP for free over on their page. You can get it on Spotify too, if that’s your thing.

The full liner notes are attached here.

Tracks and context:

1) The Missing Pieces

Inspired by a part from “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” and lines from the Blade Runner 2049 baseline test, this one was about getting older, and feeling less intensely as life goes on. Sometimes, the rush of life consumes us, and over time, it goes away.

So, “Do you feel there’s a part of you that’s missing?”

Music video here.

2) The Cycle

Everything repeats itself until it doesn’t.

3) She, the Tomb Goddess

This was a lament for someone, almost as though they’d disappeared into the forest. I guess this is what missing someone sounds like, to me at least.

Music video here.

4) Varuna and the Flood

This one’s in celebration of water. How it can make endless waves, conceal infinite depths underneath its stillness, and rain down destruction.

Here’s hoping you listen to, and enjoy it.