Felix Helix vibrations 1 EP coverFelix Helix- Vibrations.1

Vibrations.1 is the first (and at time of writing, only) EP from Felix Helix. It took form between 2008 and 2016. Much of why it took so long was just down to life (and laziness) getting in the way.

In some ways I want to think of it as a “starting point.”

The EP was released via the H-A-Z-E netlabel (R.I.P) and it received some press, most notably on the Yeah I Know it Sucks blog, who were really rather nice about it. You can read what they said about it here. I also gave an interview around the time the EP dropped to Noise Without Borders, here.

you can stream and download the EP for free here. It’s also on Spotify.

Tracks and context:

Well, it’s an intro.

2) La Izquerda

The title is the Spanish for “the left.” Don’t know why I called it this, just did. I’d been working on it on and off since 2010.

It’s a track about getting knocked down, spending some time at the bottom and then, getting back up again. At the time of writing, it was probably going to be the last hyper-intricate piece I did.

I dedicate it to Sheila Chandra.

3) 4:27 (also 4-27)

This one was the first track I can say I was happy with; it was remixed for the Digital Vomit compilation DVR019-Everybody Loops, which you can read more about and download here.

I am also incredibly proud to know it’s been featured on the Free Music Archive, and thank Miquel Parera for deeming it worth including.

4) Angelus

I made this one during a pretty intense time in my life, and it may be the most self-expressive thing I’ve ever written.

Here’s hoping you listen to, and enjoy it.