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Collected aural detriments vol. 11, on which Like Water by CHC08RM features.

Like Water


One of the beautiful things about noise is that it drowns everything else out. Look inwards.

The compilation this track features on can be downloaded here.

Download the track from here.

Live at the temple of boom front cover, CHC08RM live

CHC08RM live at the Temple of Boom

a0028682622_10You can stream/download Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this recording over at the N.O.I.S.E. Bandcamp. I can’t keep it here for various reasons.

This was a live set done at the Temple of Boom (R.I.P) back in December 2014. For some reason the amp system decided to quieten me down for about six minutes at 24:40. I guess these things happen.

On the billing were: The Scalding House, CHC08RM (me), Party Levitation, KissMeYou’reBeautifulTheseAreTrulyTheLastDays (rip) and Brown Torpedo.

I’d like to thank them all for playing and for feedback on what was my first live performance.

Front cover for Interrobang volume 2, CHC08RM features on this.

Submissions for ‽ vol. 2



Tracks done for the ‽ vol. 2 release: a mini-drone sketch with an unhappy ending, some dirty ambient and a Japanoise wannabe.

The premise of the ‽  series is (from the description for ‽ vol. 1):

This album is an exercise in chance and randomization. First, all participating artists composed any number of 10-second (or less) sound clips. These stems were then amassed and sent back to the musicians so that all of the sound clips were available to every artist taking part. Then, the musicians rearranged, manipulated and combined any number of these stems to form their final mix. In this way, each song on this album is an amalgamation of original clips from various artists and the fine-tuning of a single person. No one knew who composed their initial material and the final submissions were also anonymous. The result is ‽.

I guess by that token, I probably shouldn’t stick these tracks here…..

You can listen to the other tracks on, and download this intense release here.

For more stuff, check out the N.O.I.S.E. Bandcamp.