Felix Helix templates EP front cover


Templates was an invited release on the Chelicerate netlabel (thanks Neil!)

The EP concept took shape during my foray into live performance. If you’ve seen any of these performances on YouTube, or at EMOM events around the country, then Templates 1 and 2 will sound familiar.

The name and art of the EP is a nod to the fact that the many of the sounds were sampled from “The Transformation” EP, and imported into a Yamaha RS7000 for live sequencing and composition; a different workflow than my usual.

Using that workflow also meant that the “Template” tracks existed as live, free-form pieces long before being crystallised into the pieces presented here using Renoise and Reaper before being mastered by Neil LAR.


1) Template 1

A downtempo polyrhythmic exploration featuring an eastern sound palette.

2) Template 2

A thumping, slow gabba beat evolving into something rather different over time.

3) Template 3

An interpretation of high-speed, high density breakcore.

4) The Sevenths Song

See here.

You can find the release on Archive.org, Bandcamp, and Spotify.


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