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Raminder Mulla Maya

Maya is a set of photos taken against a backdrop of two pieces of foamboard, and a desk lamp. Reasons for the inclusion of these items in the set are one (or more) of the following:

  •     The item symbolises a semi-profound experience.
  •     I enjoyed, or do enjoy consuming the item in absurdly large quantities.
  •     The item is something that I very often used.
  •     Use of the item is typical of living on a (fairly) low income.

This is a somewhat autobiographical piece, and there was some introspection in choosing the items to photograph, raising the question:

“What items would other people put instead of mine?”

So, if anyone has done anything similar regarding their life, please do share- it would be a very interesting exercise for everyone involved to see what summarises someone at a given stage 🙂