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Things Seen.

Flowers: 2016 Study

Related to the f̮lo͏̲̰͔̮w̴͚̼͚e͎̜̻̭ŕ͖͓̭̩̱̙̘ piece, these images are here for completeness. The left is a HDR image from a set of photos taken as a study, whereas the right is the full, uncropped image as featured in f̮lo͏̲̰͔̮w̴͚̼͚e͎̜̻̭ŕ͖͓̭̩̱̙̘.


Fragments and Angles


Conceived while listening to lots of power noise e.g. Converter, Geistform and being in a mood to match.

The piece is formed from multiple photos of an attic ceiling that have been repeatedly layered, cropped and clipped (hence the title Fragments and Angles), in an attempt to produce an angular, confounding and ultimately intimidating image.



This is a set of photos taken against a backdrop of two pieces of foamboard, and a desk lamp. Reasons for the inclusion of these items in the set are one (or more) of the following:

  •     The item symbolises a semi-profound experience.
  •     I enjoyed, or do enjoy consuming the item in absurdly large quantities.
  •     The item is something that I very often used.
  •     Use of the item is typical of living on a (fairly) low income.

This is a somewhat autobiographical piece, and there was some introspection in choosing the items to photograph, raising the question:

“What items would other people put instead of mine?”

So, if anyone has done anything similar regarding their life, please do share- it would be a very interesting exercise for everyone involved to see what summarises someone at a given stage 🙂

A Set of Photos with Aesthetic/Personal Significance.

Sheffield- A Set of Photos with Aesthetic/Personal Significance.

These pictures are of various locations in and around the city of Sheffield, for their personal significance and/or visual appeal.

Hence, some (somewhat self-indulgent) explanatory notes are supplied HERE with the image array itself- below.


If you like the image and would like a print quality version for your own uses, please get in touch

The individual images are below:

This work is dedicated to the memory of George Bare.

Flowers 09

Flowers 09

This one was created using a Pentax compact camera to obtain pictures of flowers from a garden. These were then isolated from the background scenery and layered onto one another using different blending styles to eventually create the image.

Click for full image