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Things Seen.

Felix Helix - The Missing PIeces thumbnail

The Missing Pieces (Video)

Do you feel there’s a part of you that’s missing?

I’ve been trying to get the work that I put out to be a bit more all encompassing, towards a Gesamtkustwerk, if you will, with music, visual and now video.

Here’s my first attempt, with a video for a track off my second EP (The Transformation) called “The Missing Pieces.”

I try to give the music a cold, mechanical, glitched out look, inspired in no small part by the Blade Runner 2049 aesthetic.

You can download the video in full HD here. Feel free to remix as you please.



Raminder Mulla Roots


Raminder Mulla RootsYet another composite, with a more symbolic approach. Roots.

Here, I used pieces of photos I’ve taken over the years (of trees, feathers and metal structures) to create some basic elements in this work.

Free images of neurons from the web were also used and together with the photos I took. These were arranged into tree-like structures.

The tree-like structures themselves represent the connections we see in much of the world around us.

Branches interconnect and make trees. Trees support life (peacock feathers).

Life supports thought (neurons).

In some way, life and thought connect to one another, and they allow us to create.

From thought, comes structure and creation (represented here by the “origin” sculpture).

“Whence all creation had its origin,
the creator, whether he fashioned it or whether he did not,
the creator, who surveys it all from highest heaven,
he knows — or maybe even he does not know. “

~Rig Veda, Book 10


I’m fine.

Raminder Mulla I'm fine, landing triptych

Fluoxetine, a.k.a. Prozac. Names that mean different things to different people.

To some, it turns sad, worried, but otherwise normal people into zombies and/or drug addicts incapable of functioning without their daily fix.

To others, Fluoxetine and its use is a monument to individual weakness; an inability to cope with life.

If you were to ask more people still, you might be told that it might help restore some degree of order to a completely fragmented psyche. A chance at a new beginning.

I'm fine PI sheetI'm fine mobile 1I'm fine , the fun stuff on a PI sheet.

The stark packets with those names on them say all of the above without meaning to.

They say something about the person that has them.

More is found on the information sheets that are within each packet, alongside the capsules which it’s extremely likely that you, or someone who you know or love, will be all too familiar with.

I certainly am.

Raminder Mulla I'm fine , mobile 2Raminder Mulla I'm fine , capsule close-up

The motivation for this piece was to give an artistic spin on long term medication use, the idea having first come to me after an initial course of antidepressants back in 2009, which allowed me to feel something close to “normal.”

Prozac Mobile 3After that, I collected each pack of Fluoxetine I had been prescribed, with a view to turning my consumption of the pills within into something else.

The idea was to make some sort of order out of the past few years. To bring the viewer closer to a drug that has been, and continues to be a key part of my experience of life.

Mobile, fuller viewMobile, fuller view, lower light

A time-lapse video made from footage of the shoot can be found here.

End image: Raminder Mulla I'm fine

Flowers: 2016 Study

Raminder Mulla Flowers 2016 study landing imageRelated to the f̮lo͏̲̰͔̮w̴͚̼͚e͎̜̻̭ŕ͖͓̭̩̱̙̘ piece, these images are here for completeness. The left is a HDR image from a set of photos taken as a study, whereas the right is the full, uncropped image as featured in f̮lo͏̲̰͔̮w̴͚̼͚e͎̜̻̭ŕ͖͓̭̩̱̙̘.


Raminder Mulla Fragments and AnglesFragments and angles was conceived while listening to lots of power noise e.g. Converter and Geistform, while being in a bad relationship and having a mood to match.

The piece is formed from multiple photos of an attic ceiling that have been repeatedly layered, cropped and clipped (hence the title Fragments and Angles), in an attempt to produce an angular, confounding and ultimately intimidating image.


Raminder Mulla Maya

Maya is a set of photos taken against a backdrop of two pieces of foamboard, and a desk lamp. Reasons for the inclusion of these items in the set are one (or more) of the following:

  •     The item symbolises a semi-profound experience.
  •     I enjoyed, or do enjoy consuming the item in absurdly large quantities.
  •     The item is something that I very often used.
  •     Use of the item is typical of living on a (fairly) low income.

This is a somewhat autobiographical piece, and there was some introspection in choosing the items to photograph, raising the question:

“What items would other people put instead of mine?”

So, if anyone has done anything similar regarding their life, please do share- it would be a very interesting exercise for everyone involved to see what summarises someone at a given stage 🙂